What is hair dusting? The new secret to thicker hair

Rafael Benites

Anyone looking for healthy hair will know it’s tricky business to grow it out or even maintain the length, without the bottom ending up stringy or skimpy, but hair dusting can change that.

I discovered the technique through top hair stylist Hollie Rose Clarke, who – because I’m a wimp with my cuts – introduced me to the clever cutting technique. Essentially, hair dusting helps you remove split ends, keep the length and restore smoother, healthier-looking hair. Here, Hollie explains exactly what it is and how you can nail the technique yourself in between salon visits…

What is hair dusting?

“Hair dusting – or surface cutting – is a technique that can remove all split ends, keep length and restore smoother, healthier looking hair,” explains Hollie. “It’s done by snipping the bottom of each strand to eliminate the damaged hair tip. The hair should be smoothed out first so that rebellious split ends stick up and show themselves. This way, when I glide my scissors over your hair, the unwanted tips and stray splits get removed, similar to removing lint from your favourite wool coat.”

Essentially it’s a technique (or, as Hollie calls it, ‘hair witchcraft’) that gently removes split ends and unhealthy flyaways without compromising the length or thickness of the hair. “The only true way to stop split hairs from continuing to split (which results in shorter and shorter fly always) is to cut them off,” she says.

Why is the hair dusting technique better for our hair?

“This technique is great for anyone wanting to grow their hair or maintain the length they love. It targets the health of the hair and removes the damaged dry ends. Since you won’t lose any of your precious length, chances are you won’t put off making regular salon appointments, which in turn will benefit your hair’s health.”

Are any types of hair that hair dusting won’t work for?

“This technique works on every hair type, the hair should be smoothed out so that the split ends show themselves and only they are removed,” explains Hollie.

What finish does hair dusting achieve?

“Hair dusting is a way to promote healthy hair growth. Not only does it improve the appearance of the hair, leaving it looking smooth and healthy with a glass-like shine, but it can also help clients who have trouble managing frizz at home.”

How can we perform hair dusting at home?

Really, its best left to professionals, who’ll know exactly how much to cut to keep your length whilst skimming away split ends, but since the technique is fairly simple (once you get the knack for it), Hollie has some advice on how you can maintain hair dusting at home in between salon visits.

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