Sara Ali Khan Beauty Secrets Revealed! A Whole Medley Of Honey, Fruits And Almond Paste

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After appearing in Kedarnath, Sara Ali Khan’s Bollywood acting debut, she went on to star in Simmba, starring Ranveer Singh, for which she received great fame and critical acclaim. Sara really pulled at the viewers with her charming, down-to-earth personality, which, let me be honest, is a rarity among celeb kids who are also celebs.

Today, we will look into the simple skincare tips you can steal from Sara Ali Khan.

For me, beauty is all about being yourself. It does not necessarily mean too much makeup or too little makeup,” says Sara Ali Khan.

Sara Ali Khan Beauty Secrets Revealed

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Sara Ali Khan Beauty Secrets Revealed

1. Simple is better

During interviews, Sara said that her skincare routine is extremely simple and involves just two steps. She cleanses her face with a face wash and follows it up with a moisturiser. This 2-step skincare routine is good for normal skin (not oily/dry) people.

2. Leftover fruit for glow

The actress has mentioned in interviews that she applies whatever leftover fruit from the breakfast on her face to get that natural glow and to give the skin a boost of antioxidants. Fruits are packed with minerals, proteins, and vitamins that are great for your skin. They can be consumed or applied to your face to achieve excellent results [1].

3. Honey face pack over store-bought face packs

By now, it is clear that the actress is loyal to home remedies. She regularly applies honey on her face and sometimes mixes it with malai (cream) and applies it as face packs. Aside from its brightening properties, honey also provides a healthy, moisturised glow to the skin. Honey is great for treating dry skin but also works exceptionally well on oily, acne-prone, and combination skin types [2].

I’m a big fan of ghar ke nuske, so I often go for home remedies. Malai and honey are my favourites. I also put fruits on my face,” Sara said in an interview.

4. Almond paste as a natural exfoliator

Another home remedy Sara swears by is almond paste. She uses almond paste as an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and smoothen the skin. Almonds have several nutrients that can benefit your skin, including vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Almond face packs are an age-old beauty tradition, and women have always relied on almond powder for their face and almond paste to rejuvenate their skin [3].

Sara Ali Khan Beauty Secrets Revealed

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5. Coconut water as a cleanser

Another Sara Ali Khan favourite when it comes to beautification is coconut water. She drinks it regularly as it is highly nutritious and has natural anti-bacterial properties. Besides keeping you hydrated after a workout, coconut water is a delicious, electrolyte-filled natural drink that may benefit your heart, moderate blood sugar, and improve kidney health [4].

6. Not without her sunscreen

The young actress never gets out without her sunscreen. “I always maintain a doable regime. Keeping it simple, with just a face wash, followed by moisturiser and sunscreen is important,” the actress said in an interview with Vogue.

7. 8 hours of sleep

During an interview, Sara revealed that Sharmila Tagore constantly reminds her to ‘sleep well and drink water.’ The actress makes sure that she gets 8-hours of sleep every night. A regular sleep schedule of 7-9 hours is essential for healthy skin. When you do not get enough sleep, your body releases cortisol, the stress hormone, which can cause inflammation and increase the number of skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis [5].

8. Regular exercise = glowing face

I feel my most beautiful right after a workout. I think that I feel emotionally, mentally and physically healthiest. I just feel happy, positive, rejuvenated, energised, hence beautiful,” she shared in an interview. In addition to nourishing skin cells and maintaining their vitality, exercise increases blood flow throughout the body.

Blood is responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body, including the skin. In addition to supplying oxygen, blood flow helps transport waste products from working cells, including free radicals [6].

Sara Ali Khan Beauty Secrets Revealed!

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9. Body oil for toning skin

Varun Dhawan taught me that body oil goes a long way in making you look toned.” She spoke about using body oil for her skin and how it helps ton the skin.

10. Sheet masks for some real relaxation

Wearing a sheet mask or face mask is the perfect break for you and your skin, it helps you relax and also compels you to slow down,” Sara said.

Story first published: Thursday, September 1, 2022, 15:17 [IST]

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